Who Are We?

The Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS) is a not-for-profit organization that sponsors (aka authorizes) charter schools through the state of Ohio. OCCS is a designee of the University of Toledo Board of Trustees (to view more about this unique partnership, read our history) and as a sponsor, oversees and monitors charter schools to ensure they are compliant with applicable state and federal laws, policies, and regulations; fiscally sound; and academically thriving.

OCCS leadership and staff collectively hold decades of experience in the charter school movement (view more about our staff here), and offer their expertise to sponsored schools in the areas of compliance, legal/policy matters, academic performance, special education, school funding, best practices in instruction/curriculum, virtual and blending learning, and more. OCCS is also tasked with providing appropriate technical assistance to schools and shares valuable resources, training, and support not only for schools but for governing board members.

Mission: We are a student-centered organization advocating excellence in education through strategic partnerships.

Vision:  Advancing educational choice and achieving excellence through leadership and innovation.

Core Values:

  • School Choice: We protect and advance the viability of Ohio’s charter schools to ensure choice in public education.
  • Student-centered: We will advocate for students by fostering an environment that develops productive citizens and future leaders.
  • Integrity: We will do what we say… Following through and following up.
  • Quality: We believe excellence prevails… Individually and collaboratively.
  • Team-based: We believe in the power of partnerships… Internal and external.

Core Strategies:

  • Champion school performance, innovation, and strategic improvement processes.
  • Streamline and strengthen school and board oversight and compliance.
  • Bolster internal capacity and grow staff leadership.
  • Enhance fiscal monitoring and oversight protocols.