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Programs & Services: What We Do

As a charter school sponsor (aka authorizer), OCCS oversees and monitors sponsored schools to ensure that all state and federal laws and regulations are followed and that schools are living up to the promises outlined in their charter contracts. Per Ohio statute, we also offer technical assistance to schools and support to enhance student achievement. Learn more about our specific work in the following areas by clicking on the links:

The responsibilities of a sponsor also extend far beyond monitoring and technical assistance. Sponsors act as gatekeepers of quality in the new school application process and start-up process, and have statutory authority in determining which schools should be allowed to open. OCCS takes this responsibility seriously and has a rigorous new school application process as well as a protocol to initiate funding for schools about to open (read more about it here – please link to that newsletter article from recently). Similarly, the sponsor makes decisions around intervention, reauthorization, and closure (when necessary) – evaluating schools against the progress made toward goals in the contract.