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Feb 26 2015

Governor Kasich: "We need charter schools"

This week Governor Kasich delivered his fifth State of the State address to Ohioans, seeking support from lawmakers and the public for his two-year operating budget and a variety of proposed reforms. Among his overall emphasis on tax cuts, regulations, the condition of Ohio’s economy, and school fun...
Feb 25 2015

OCCS works to increase capacity of charter school governing boards

Ohio charter schools have been in the spotlight lately, with questions emerging about not only their financial and academic performance, but also the manner in which they are governed and held accountable. The Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS) recognizes the critical role played by the variou...
Feb 20 2015

OCCS offers postsecondary scholarships

The Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS) is pleased to offer postsecondary scholarships each year to support charter students who wish to further education after high school. Our eighth annual scholarship cycle is now open (for students planning to attend in the 2015-16 school year). Three types...
Feb 17 2015

Rep. Sears visits Central Academy of Ohio

Ohio House Representative Barbara Sears met with leadership from the Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS) and Central Academy of Ohio (CAO) to tour the OCCS-sponsored school on February 13, to learn more about quality sponsorship practices and the great work being done by CAO. OCCS Executive Dir...
Feb 05 2015

OCA parent: "Charter schools can provide academic value"

Judi Phelps, a parent whose children attend Ohio Connections Academy (OCA), penned a letter to the editor of the Vinton County Courier Monday in support of the K-12 virtual school and in honor of National School Choice Week. Ms. Phelps pointed out that OCA serves a diverse population that might find...